Francesco De Marco

                                                      Kase Official Italy Ambassador



Francesco De Marco

Professional Italian photographer

Live in Latina, Italy 


A.C.A: Adobe Certified Associate


Area of Specialization: Nature - Environment and Society, Photography Courses and Workshops.

Always a lover of nature and curious to discover the uses and tractions of populations, he began to photograph with the first analog cameras. 

With the passage of time and the evolution of photography he approaches digital photography that stimulates him to take reportage photographs. During his university studies he combines photographic books with legal, administrative and socio-political books, which lead him to deepen his photographic knowledge. 


Kase K100 Wolverine Soft GND 0.9 + Kase CPL




His photographic career has seen him active in fashion circles through the creation of photographic services for individuals, fashion designers and fashion agencies. 

Later he decided to abandon the world of fashion photography to devote himself mainly to his true passion: nature photography and landscape photography thanks to which he received the first awards in world photographic competitions.  

The desire to transmit the passion and beauty of photographic art led him to teach this discipline through private courses, groups and workshops. Through his photographs he starts working with press and advertising agencies with which he obtains the first paper publications and on websites. 


He currently collaborates with the Tenocasa Agency of Latina through the realization of architectural and interior photographs.

Photographic professionalism and his travels led him to be sponsored immediately by Companies in the sports sector (Decathlon, Fizan, Amphibious) who take him as a Brand Ambassador and for whom he tests the quality of products in extreme conditions.

In 2016, intending to expand his photographic knowledge, he attended the course "Seeing Through Photographs" organized by MoMa Of New York, where he received the Photographic Certification of "Knowledge of the history of photography and analysis of photographs". 

Since 2014 all his photographic activities are sponsored by the companies: Gt Line - Explorer Case, Transcend, Nomad, Mind Shift Gear, Terrascape, Polyver Boots 

From 2017 he collaborates with the specialized shop for photography, video and cinema 

Ra.Ma. testing professional products such as: BlackRapid, Jupio and KASE.

In 2018 he received the Adobe A.C.A. Certification. Adobe Certified Associate, which guarantees its high level of knowledge of Adobe software, In 2018 the collaboration with the FotoEma Store began, a reference store for all professional photographers. 

Also in this year begins the collaboration with the well-known company The Heat Company, a company that produces thermal gloves suitable for extreme weather conditions.

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