MATT HOLLAND Photographer/Outdoors Guide/Graphic DesignerKASE WOLVERINE MAGNETIC CIRCULAR FILTERS REVIEWSWARNING! SOME FILTERS WERE DROPPED IN THE TESTING OF THESE FILTERS.I’ve been using Kase Filters circular system for some time now. The screw in circular system is a great, compact and robust system which is lightweight and p..

Revolutionary Circular Filters from Kase by Rafn Sig

2019-06-01Revolutionary Circular Filters from Kase by: Rafn Sig,-I was contacted by the respectful filter manufacturer KASE and asked if I would be willing to test out some of their new product in Circular Filters.I read the e-mail and thought about it for a while because I started to remember when I was using the Circular filters in..

Overcome the drawbacks of traditional circular filters-Kase Wolverine Shock Resistant Magnetic Circular Filter

The lens accidentally fell, the UV lens broke, the metal ring was deformed, and the filter could not be taken down. How to do it?  Only the vise, saw blade, steel ruler and other tools can be used to remove the filter. The scene is terrible, and even the camera lens can’t be taken off.  The above experience ..

Kase Filters Variable Density Filter Review by MATT HOLLAND

WHAT DOES KASE FILTERS SAY:Kase variable ND3-1000 filters are made of optical glass and polarising mold, which can reduce the light amount by resisting the light fibre from the double sides of the filters. Available Size: 77/82mmGlass Material: B270 optics Glass+ Nitto polarising filmFrame Material: 6063 aluminium alloyFeature: ND3-1..

How to photograph Sun Rays the Easy Way by Rafn Sig Photogaphy

Warning*-As you know, the Sun is strong, so you should never look directly to it without proper eye protections as it can damage your eyes.You can shoot Sun Rays any time of the day the only difference is the color of the shot, surroundings, distance between the sun and the earth and so on. So there are no ru..

Our experience with Kase Filters: Ted and Nune

Ted and I work as a team. Usually we buy our gear together and keep to the same brand.As for the Kase filters, however, we came each of us in turn.We met Kase filters reps at the 2017 Photo Expo in NYC and I immediately loved the product.  I was unhappy with the heavy red color cast and vignette coming from my circular filters and wa..


I yearn for freedom, how about you?I used to think that dreams and freedom are far away.... But right now it is within my reach!A camera, a backpack, and Kase is all you need on your journey to fulfil your dreams of freedom!Enter to have a golden chance of winning the dream prize!1.Kase Globel Photography Contest is a wide range, long ter..