I yearn for freedom, how about you?

I used to think that dreams and freedom are far away.... But right now it is within my reach!

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A camera, a backpack, and Kase is all you need on your journey to fulfil your dreams of freedom!

Enter to have a golden chance of winning the dream prize!

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1.Kase Globel Photography Contest is a wide range, long term photographic compeition. Through out the photographic contest will show you the inspirational, influential and evocative images through out photographic contest. We would like to extend out invitation to over 100 countries around the world to participate in this contest. 

2.The contest is free to all photographers.

3.The winners of the competition can be recognized by the photography industry and will help create a solid foundation for their future career.

4. All the award-winning entries shall be displayed on Kase official website and 500 offline lectures tours. In addition, Kase will consider opportunities for you to participate in our Ambassadorial or Co-Photographers programme.

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Thursday, 31th January 2019 (opens at China time 19:00 p.m. standard time) to Thursday,31th October 2019 (closes at China time 19:00 p.m.standard time)

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* All entries must be shot between Thursday, 31th  January 2019 to Thursday, 31st October 2019


1) Composition, Style, Mood, the Story behind the landscape.

2) Using the natural elements to construct the landscape image, such as the dynamics and interplay of light, clouds, movement and nature.

3) Usage of camera.  

4) Both color and monochrome images will be acceptable.

5)  File size: within 10 MB per image.

6)  Image-data file format JPG, 300 dpi, the photo’s length not less than 4000pixel recommended.

7)  EXIF (Exchangeable image file format) info is required.

8)  Don’t forget to name your entry.


Winners might be asked to provide higher resolution images for publication or display purposes related to the contest.


Ought to use KASE FILTERS(No limitation on filter choice). The overall winner will be asked to provide more photographic detail such as a picture of showing us what kind of filters or holder he used in that photo, photographic location, EXIF and associated narrative on how the photograph was taken along with pictures of the location are required when receiving awards.

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1) Kase Global Photography Contest will provide a total of $2000 cash prize for the Creative Dream fund. The value of each funding is 1000 US dollars per photographic trip; the overall winner is required to undertake two photographic trips in order to claim the total prize amount.

2) Winners are required to submit their photographic proposal to Kase headquarters 2 months before their trip,the creative fund for the quarter will be released upon approval of the itinerary.

3) The photographers will be required to shoot no less than 20 high-quality photos in each period of their photography journey. All submitted images will be require the original raw and post-processed files to be submitted to KASE GLOBAL(via Wetransfer), as well as the associated travel essay/blog.

4) Kase reserves the right to use the images and submitted travel essays for marketing and promotion of Kase products.



 Please post your entry on Instagram and tag“#kasephotocontest”. Let your friends and netizens ‘LIKE’ your entry, the entrant who receives the most number of the LIKES will be declared as the PEOPLE'S CHOICE PRIZE winner.

5.NOTE: The prize will be delivered by air fright, the fright cost and customs duty are not covered.

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Enter the contest by uploading your entry to the following link or email address:

1. https://goo.gl/forms/5fONL2sYl7PqI1eq1

2.network@kasecn.com  [Name, Nationality, and  EXIF (Exchangeable image file format)info is required].

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Click photo, discover more details about the Judging Panel.

Greg Whitton

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Marcel van Balkom

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Markus van Hauten

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Francesco De Marco

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